Buckwheat Can Help With Diabetes

It has been proven through research that buckwheat helps in controlling diabetes. Buckwheat is a grain that is used in making pancakes and noodles, and can help in controlling diabetes by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

An experiment conducted on rats showed that the extracts of the seed lowered blood glucose by 12 to 19 % when fed to diabetic rats. The rats were bred to have insulin dependent diabetes which is characterized by a lack of insulin- a hormone needed by the cells to use glucose correctly. Under controlled circumstances, the rats were given a dose of buckwheat and they observed that their glucose level dropped.

The researchers claim the new uses of buckwheat as a dietary supplement and functional food to help people with diabetes as it lowers the glucose level. It has also been proven that with absorption of buckwheat in the diet, it will provide an easy and inexpensive way to lower glucose level and reduce the risk of complications of diabetes.

Some experts view that buckwheat is not the treatment of diabetes but it is only a management aid to lower the glucose level in the body.

A similar experiment was done on people with diabetes, and the researchers concluded that it cannot be determined how much extract of buckwheat are beneficial for controlling glucose levels, but it has been proven that it helps in the management of the glucose and diabetes.

The researcher’s mentions that buckwheat contains an ingredient named chiro-inositol which may be responsible for lowering blood sugar because it is present in high percentage in buckwheat and is seldom present in other foods. It plays an important role in the glucose metabolism and cell signaling.

The researchers do not know exactly to what extent, it can control glucose levels and exactly how much amount of buckwheat is enough to control diabetes but, they are sure about the fact that it does helps in controlling the glucose level in the body and also manages the diabetes. They are sure that it makes the cells more sensitive to insulin and also acts as insulin mimic.

Some of the researchers said that there could be other compounds that are also responsible in controlling the glucose levels but they were not clearly identified in the experiment.

That said more studies still needs to be done.

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