Himalayan Wonder Drug: 5 Health Benefits Of Shilajit For Men

Native to the Himalayas, shilajit (botanical name asphaltum) is a humus exudate that oozes from the layers of rocks of different formations and is found in the high mountainous regions of Caucasus, Altai and the Himalayan mountain ranges.
The name shilajit means the ‘conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weaknesses’ in Sanskrit. A thick, rich, tar-like paste made up of organic plant material, which is thought to have been compressed between rocks for hundreds of years, shilajit is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, phytochemicals and trace elements. It contains more than 84 minerals, including copper, silver, zinc, iron, and lead in their ionic forms.
The ancient texts of Ayurveda claim that there is no ailment or disorder that cannot be cured by this Himalayan herbo-mineral medicine. It has a long history of human use for healing and performance-enhancement in diabetes and the urinary, immune, digestive, cardiac, and nervous systems.
Shilajit is also known to be highly effective for men and helps promote longevity, boost energy and improve sperm count. Here are five ways in which shilajit can prove beneficial for men.
1) Boosts Energy Levels
Shilajit acts at the cellular level and improves the functioning of the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell), thus increasing energy levels.[2] Shilajit reduced oxidative stress and increased mitochondrial output that could prove useful in treating men suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.
2) Increases Sperm Count
Shilajit decreases oxidative stress and improved testosterone levels in males. A clinical study in 60 men suffering from oligospermia (low sperm count which can lead to infertility) found that when shilajit was administered for a period of 90 days, their sperm count increased by 60 percent and sperm motility improved by 12 percent.[3]
3) Improves Heart Health
Animal studies show that shilajit decreases cardiovascular damage and protects the heart because of its strong antioxidant properties.[4]
4) Delays The Organ Aging Process
Antioxidants present in shilajit (especially fulvic acid) protects the body from cellular damage.[5,6] Cellular damage speeds up the aging process of the heart, lungs, liver and skin tissue.
5) Enhances The Memory
Dibezno-alpha-pyrones, a special compound present in shilajit, prevents the breakdown of brain chemicals essential for memory.[7] Fulvic acid in shilajit can fight the aging brain cells and has been proved beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.[6]
How To Take It
1. Boil a glass of milk in a pan and add 200mg raw shilajit to it. Stir continuously till it dissolves completely, which would roughly take about 10 minutes. Have it when it’s cool and drink this twice daily. To buy raw shilajit, click here.
2. Alternately, you can take a shilajit supplement of 300mg once daily. Buy it online here.

In Pakistan, Shilajit is abundantly found in the Himalayas and Karakorum mountains of Gilit Baltistan region. The most premium brand of Shilajit in Pakistan is called Baltistan Himalayan Shilajit which is available on Himalayas Organic Food’s official online store, www.hofo.pk.
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